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Welcome to Visionary Artware

Established in 1993 in a California bungalow, Visionary Artware inspired a modern renaissance of mosaics in the Southland as a wholesaler, producing a distinctive line of functional mosaic wares. Commissioned pieces including Marshall Fields, Urban Outfitters, and the Palace of Qatar soon followed.

Visionary Artware’s work was distinctive for the color and artisanship of its tiles. In marked contrast to the then limited palette of mosaic material commercially available, Visionary Artware used a thin but structurally sound 4” x 4” bisque tile, and applied custom glazes, achieving colors and effects rarely seen in tiles.

In a break from traditional mosaic technique of applying graduated sizes of tile squares, Visionary Artware hand-cut each tile into a variety of shapes. The result – stunning pictorials, bold geometric designs, and Signature folk art.

Along the way, Visionary Artware owner and master mosaic artisan Mina Barnes opened her studio to students, training serious crafts persons and avid hobbyists, alike. Today, the studio is a community where new students learn the basics of cutting and structure, and returning students craft richly detailed artwork.

Visionary Artware’s newest endeavor is Mina’s collaboration on the Tile & Timber custom mosaic line of unique furniture and accessories.

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